What We Do

Diamondback Training, LLC is a cutting edge law enforcement training organization specializing in Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction. Criminal interdiction addresses many facets of criminal activity including domestic terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking and cargo theft just to name a few. We are staffed and equipped to provide our services at any location throughout the continental United States. We teach law enforcement officers how to conduct criminal interdiction operations on commercial motor vehicles with hands on reality based training. After having attended one of our course offerings officers return to the field with additional skill sets allowing them to identify, interdict and apprehend criminal elements who use the cover of the commercial motor vehicle industry for criminal gain.

Diamondback Training, LLC is the culmination of 75 plus years of law enforcement, teaching and trucking/transportation experience. The techniques, practices and methodologies delivered by our company are field tested and proven effective by actual criminal arrests and contraband seizures.
Our instructors are not only highly experienced and successful in the CMV criminal interdiction field, but they possess specific industry skills that will be relayed to the attendees. Our lead instructor is an active law enforcement officer that conducts CMV interdiction operations daily as a primary job responsibility.  He has also been involved in the trucking/transportation industry for over twenty five years as a driver and company/small fleet owner. This experience affords students the unique opportunity to learn from instructors that are intimately familiar with the transportation industry and how it operates. We will teach them how, from an industry stand point, to rapidly assess the CMV’s and properly identify those operating for criminal gain.