Diamondback Training and Watchguard Digital In Car Video present: Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction Hands On (16 hr)

This 2-Day (16 Hour) dynamic course is a comprehensive CMV interdiction course in which the attendee will begin with learning the foundation of the commercial vehicle industry, not from a LE perspective, but from an industry operator firsthand. Diamondback Training specializes in sharing their knowledge of the industry, due to their involvement in CMV operations in the private sector, which brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of CMV interdiction. Special emphasis is placed in recognizing and dissecting proper documents related to CMV stops, while implementing various other elements involved in a CMV contact. Some of the in-depth topics covered include Ethics & Guiding Principles for success, legal considerations relating to CMV contacts, CMV Interdiction and Human Trafficking, Officer Safety Issues, Proper Identification of Criminals exploiting the CMV Industry, Identifying Stolen CMV Equipment, Cargo, and Counterfeit Goods, as well as an in-depth familiarization relating to the required documents such as operational paperwork and record of duty status (log books).

The course then implements the recognition of deception and human behavior components, which when used in conjunction with proper document identification, assists the officers with identifying anomalies during the roadside interview of CMV operators. Other components of this course include rapid assessment of CMV’s, Interview Techniques relating to CMV drivers, as well as investigative techniques used to determine criminal involvement by the shippers, receivers and CMV freight brokers, as well as proper report writing techniques and courtroom testimony techniques, which relate to CMV interdiction investigations. Unlike many other courses, Diamondback utilizes the videos and seizures of the actual instructor in the course in addition to omitting the typical music video shows and trophy/hero shots.

Diamondback prides itself with sharing the knowledge and techniques that makes the officers successful and believes that mission focused assignments, require mission focused training. Officers with prior CMV interdiction training, along with those who will be attending their first course in this arena, will leave the course with a clear understanding of each component, have the ability to conduct successful investigations, and most importantly have the ability to testify to these learned techniques in court. Officers having difficulty with target selection, CMV roadside interviews, and determining who is and who is not a criminal will greatly benefit from attending this course.

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This is the course that covers it ALL!

* Diamondback Specialized CMV Training, LLC. and its associates do not promote enforcement tactics based on racial & ethnic profiling!


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Event date: 10-01-2015 8:30 am
Event End Date: 10-02-2015 5:00 pm
Capacity 50
Cut off date 09-30-2015
Individual Price $150.00
Location WatchGuard Video's World Headquarters
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